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Healthcare Quality

A take to redesign healthcare based on care journeys

Care redesign with digital orchestration shape a world where every person always gets the best care available, achieving health and wellness, in a boundaries-free environment.

Health is in the spotlight. People have never demanded so much from the health sector and this won’t stop. In the background, a continuous growth of the global population fueled by a progressively longer life expectancy grows healthcare needs in volume, which mostly remain unaddressed.
To adapt to people, healthcare providers need to have the grounds to design and redesign care offers without the weight of capital infrastructure, people-tied traditions, and data privacy and security out-of-proportion brakes. To adapt to people, healthcare workers need time to face the pace of medical knowledge turnover.
In this eBook, we introduce how UpHill uplifts clinical pathways through a reversed methodology and a care automation lens, empowering people to always provide and receive the best care.
Main topics addressed:
  • Our vision on struggling healthcare systems;
  • From clinical pathways to the UpHill Care Journey;
  • A common framework to innovate care mapping;
  • Care orchestration with UpHill;

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