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Cyber-resilient healthcare: vision of a secure tomorrow

In a world in which technological integration is key to enhancing healthcare delivery, the ability to manage and protect data effectively is crucial. "Cyber-resilient healthcare: vision of a secure tomorrow" is a joint initiative by UpHill, SPMS, and AWS to explore best practices and outline a more secure and resilient future.

Matilde Ferreira

Matilde Ferreira

November 22, 2023 · 2 min read

Cybersecurity is the backbone safeguarding patient data, operational continuity, and, ultimately, patient safety. It's critical due to the industry's heavy reliance on interconnected systems, electronic health records, and cutting-edge medical technologies. Protecting this sensitive data is pivotal to prevent breaches that could compromise patient privacy or even lives.
Cyber threats have been on a relentless rise, with staggering numbers indicating the magnitude of the problem. According to a Norton report:
  • Global cybercrime costs are expected to reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025;
  • In 2020, the FBI received more than 2,000 internet crime complaints per day;
  • And the healthcare industry is expected to spend $125 billion on cybersecurity from 2020 to 2025.
What solutions are out there? What are the best practices? Explore pivotal subjects such as unified cybersecurity approaches, secure software and medical device integration strategies, and invaluable firsthand insights on hospitals' smooth transition to the cloud, guided by our esteemed panel of speakers who brought unparalleled expertise to the forefront:
  • Diego Gomes, Senior Solutions Architect | AWS
  • Jéssica Costa Domingues, Head of Cybersecurity Unit | SPMS
  • Myriam Fernandéz Martín, Head of Health Innovation, EMEA | AWS
Please note: the webinar is primarily conducted in Portuguese. For automated translation and subtitles, we recommend watching it here.
Matilde Ferreira

Matilde Ferreira

Content Strategy & Communication Manager

Graduated in Communication Sciences, early on fell in love with storytelling. Started off as a journalist and then pivoted to the public relations world, she was always driven to craft relevant stories and bring them to the stage.

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