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A virtual assistant to interact with patients and collect real data for disease management.

Patient Questionnaire

Message from UpHill

Since your hospital discharge after knee surgery have you felt any of the following?

Blood or Pus in the surgical dressing
Intense pain
None of the above

Patient response

Alert signs found!




Patient Questionnaire


Automated actions


Upscale your analgesia medication


Patient advised about warning signs

Engage patients and keep regular touchpoints

Extend HCPs-patients communications beyond the walls of the hospital and make sure that both are permanently aware of the disease and treatment status.

Triage patients even before they come into the hospital

Reduce hospital wait times, appointment times, unnecessary treatments, and hospital readmissions by connecting patients with the right HCPs.

Use PROMs/PREMs to move patients journeys

Hilly collects data for disease management and uses this information to move patients’ progress. Thus allows to anticipate red flags, decisions and follow-ups.

Give healthcare professionals time to focus on what matters: the patient.

With a virtual assistant, you can automate alerts and reminders, eliminate repetitive tasks and medical bureaucracies.


Keep a sign of your patients wherever they are

Find a direct, fast and intuitive channel to monitor and follow-up.

Hilly gives HCPs an open line to know how patients are doing and how outcomes are progressing avoiding unnecessary appointments and workload.

Manage unexpected and emergency episodes.

Using the patient information collected asynchronously, Hilly automatically updates the patient status within the care journey and alerts HCPs if any irregular situation is happening.

Elder Woman

Janet Atkins

Female, 60 · Heart Failure

New treatment

Drug adjustment

Loop diuretics (Class I)


Patient communication

Congestive symptoms


Communication sent


Patient response

Patient response

Alert signs found!



Recommended actions

Mobile appointment


Follow up

Patient questionnaire

Make the best use of time

Patient frustration and mistreatment are major problems caused by poor and deficient patient data. Make sure you provide accurate pre-loaded data helping HCPs to make the right decisions, save time and anticipate decisions.


Patient communication received

Next appointment prep


Communication sent


3/3 received



View responses

Patient response details

Next appointment preparation


3/3 received

Next communication


Enter your current weight


Are your ankles or legs more swollen than normal?


Clothes or shoes tighter than normal?


Have you been sleeping with more pillows than normal?


Use automation to speed up care and relieve HCPs.

UpHill interprets the information sent by patients to automate decisions, thus eliminating low-value and repetitive tasks, that burden HCPs and delay patient care.

Enhance patients to be autonomous.

Send relevant and detailed care instructions to keep patients engaged post-visit, while feeling closely monitored by a healthcare professional.

Why Hilly?

Reinforce professional-patient relationship

Hilly makes patients feel closely monitored by HCPs in long-term care journeys. Patients are also empowered to understand what’s going on, while spending less time going to hospitals.

Uncomplicate self-monitoring

Enable patients to continuously track their own physical condition based on objective data, without having to resort to invasive medical devices or procedures.

Take action on patient outcomes

More than just gathering PROMs and PREMs, Hilly uses this information to move patients’ status on the care journey, predict unexpected episodes and alert HCPs about them.

Centralize multiple communications

Hilly makes it possible to schedule different types of messages, from red flags to patient educational materials, through diverse channels.

One assistant, multiple communications


Multilingual contexts are not a problem: our software ir ready to recognize several languages.


Various premade surveys ready to send, enabling to collect all the relevant data for the patient's journey progression.


The same information is sent through email and SMS, redirecting patients to the most convenient channel.

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Supporting communication between multiple information systems

Data exchange made simple

UpHill uses HL7 FHIR to standardize pathways’ digital format and to communicate with other information systems, streamlining health data exchange with hospitals’ information systems.

Updated data catalogs

Using up-to-date catalogs to represent drugs, substances, diagnosis and procedures, UpHill ensures semantic interoperability and reusability of recorded data.

Unified terminology

With SNOMED CT, UpHill is able to process detailed clinical information automatically and to standardize the medical taxonomy used by different professionals in electronic health records.

Establishing safety as a core value

Security first

UpHill is built on a broad culture of security that meets the demands of the healthcare industry.


UpHill is GDPR compliant, as part of our commitment to protecting the privacy of our clients’ patients’ personal health information.

UpHill is compliant with relevant industry-standard certifications


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