Fast, safe and easy: make your healthcare teams happy in a few days

UpHill's software supports seamless patient journeys powered by clever automation and patient communication.

Protect your patients’ information

UpHill is compliant with the industry safety standards. All the information is transferred, stored and processed according to ISO 27001 requirements.

Turn health data into actionable information

Exchange only the strictly needed data with UpHill and get it back in your EHR in an actionable way, automating tasks for your healthcare professionals.

Simplify logistics and integrations

UpHill reduces your implementation efforts. Our APIs are documented and we provide a sandbox for your IT team to try out and start integrating today.

Interoperability for all: connecting systems and relieving people

Data exchange made simple


With our FHIR native interoperability engine, UpHill receives information to feed the patient journey and provides back with actions and automations.

You are not on top of the latest tech trends? We have HL7 v2 compatibility.

Updated and widely used catalogs

SNOMED CT LogoLOINC LogoWorld Health Organization Logo

Using up-to-date catalogs to identify drugs, substances, diagnosis and procedures, UpHill ensures semantic interoperability and reusability of recorded data.

We are compatible with SNOMED CT, LOINC, WHO catalogs, ICD-10 and ATC/DDD.

The tremendous experience of UpHill throughout the implementation process was surprising. Whenever decisions had to be made, we felt that we had a very easy workflow.

Carlos Sousa

ICT Manager, Hospital da Cruz Vermelha

Why UpHill?

Terminology services

Using terminology services, UpHill is able to process detailed clinical information automatically and to standardize the medical taxonomy used by different professionals in electronic health records.

Open API specification

UpHill endpoints are documented with the Open API Specification standard to facilitate readability, consumption and visualization of the REST API throughout a common interface.

Users safely onboarded

UpHill supports Single Sign-on (SSO) standards to provision and grant granular access to the software. SSO is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID to any of several related, yet independent, software systems.

No infrastructure needed

UpHill runs safely on cloud. Your team won’t need to provision specific hardware or manage infrastructure. We setup secure channels to communicate between your datacenter on the hospital and your isolated workspace on UpHill.

Hilly Engine

With our Hilly engine, we are capable of automating parts of the journey by matching or scheduling patient events like appointments, exams, etc., according to the journey.

Our commitment to your digital safety.