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Chronic Diseases

Diabetes Mellitus type 2

Improve patient experience, supporting insulin adjustment

The incidence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among youth is increasing, coinciding with increasing prevalence of obesity and severe obesity. In 2016, in USA, approximately 31% of diabetic patients were treated with insulin. Whenever a patient initiates treatment with insulin, doctors need to monitor capillary fasting glucose and adjust the insulin dosage to reach an acceptable target and avoid acute complications (such as hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia). So, short- term follow-up and patient empowerment in diabetes self-management are needed.

What does Hilly do?

  1. Contacts patients periodically and helps them adjusting the insulin dosage;
  2. Warns health teams if capillary fasting glucose unveils hypoglycaemia or hypoglycaemia situations.

Key advantages

  • Ensure continuous monitoring of patients;
  • Empower patients, increasing their safety and the efficacy of their treatment;
  • Increase compliance with disease monitoring;
  • Prioritize patients with worse disease control;
  • Optimize appointments time.


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