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Prostate Cancer

Avoid unnecessary appointments, by keeping patients on track

Prostate cancer is reported as the second most common cancer in men, impacting the life of 1 in every 8 men. After local treatment, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) monitoring is widely recognized as the gold-standard for follow-up. However, nowadays, this follow-up depends on a physical appointment with a physician.

What does Hilly do?

  1. Gathers clinical information;
  2. Evaluates signs/symptoms;
  3. Automates requests for PSA measurement according to trigger symptoms, previous results, progression and follow-up duration.

Key advantages

  • Reduce the time spent on repetitive and low-value tasks;
  • Avoid unnecessary appointments;
  • Faster detection of red flags signs/symptoms of an imminent decompensation;
  • Optimize the use of resources, reduce costs and increase capacity.


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