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Heart Failure: the need for improved treatment and care

Alongside with UpHill, Novartis was able to identify the actions with the lowest compliance and the most frequent non-expected actions when managing Heart Failure.


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Heart Failure poses an increasing problem for global healthcare systems and brings dramatic changes in people’s lives.
In developed countries, its prevalence is 1-2% of the population, which means that more than 10 million people in the European Union could be affected. Worldwide, this number is estimated to amount to 26 million people.
Additionally, 74% of heart failure patients suffer from at least one comorbidity. In most western economies, this disease is responsible for about 2% of all healthcare expenditure, and in 2014 it cost €29 billion in the EU.

Learning Goals

  1. Evaluation on the time prognostic-modifying therapy should be (re)introduce;
  2. Introduction of Sacubitril/Valsartan in hospitalization treatment;
  3. Follow-up scheduling for assessment/titration.


A tailor-made course using UpHill Simulate to identify the gaps in the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to Heart Failure, tracking the compliance with the European Cardiology guidelines.

Solution Highlights:

  • Realistic and intuitive interface
  • Customized feedback supported by evidence
  • Short length sessions
  • Real-time overview of performance
  • Available on demand

Clinical simulation is becoming increasingly important. Medicine is an art in constant transformation, so tools such as UpHill Simulate bring an enormous added value! It offers a detailed clinical environment and allows quick and systematic access to clinical guidelines.

Diana Carvalho

Customer Solutions Manager

Impact and Insights

  • 24% Average compliance with recommended actions;
  • Actions with the lowest compliance: follow-up scheduling and introduction of Sacubitril in hospitalization treatment;
  • At least one non-expected action by each participant;
  • Most frequent non-expected action: hydroxyprogesterone request.

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