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Increase primary care capacity and improve chronic disease management: the use case of ACES Sintra

This webinar takes you through the remote monitoring and therapeutic adjustment use case being implemented in ACES Sintra for patients with Diabetes.

Recognizing the need for more integrated and patient-centered care, the concept of care orchestration emerged and encompasses several strategies to drive improvements in healthcare quality, patient experience, and health outcomes. In this webinar, we deep dive into the advantages it provides for solving major challenges that shape primary care.
In this session we cover how care orchestration increases primary care capacity and improves patient stratification.
Our speakers:
  • Gonçalo Envia, MD - Executive Director at ACES Sintra
  • Clara Jasmins, MD - Lead Medical Advisor at UpHill Health
  • António Dias - Account & Delivery Manager at UpHill Health
UpHill's Projects Preview is a webinar series presenting care automation, care integration and patient monitoring projects being developed by UpHill with top healthcare institutions.
This webinar was recorded on 7th June 2023.
(content in Portuguese)

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