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Peri-intervention: reduce surgery waiting times, avoid cancellations, and prevent readmissions

+ 80%

of surgery cancellations are preventable


of surgical teams time is spent on communication/administrative work


Hospitals and patients are facing increasing waiting times due to surgical processes’ inefficiencies and blockers to adequate care navigation

Lengthy waiting lists for elective surgery are a daily struggle for patients and a headache for hospital managers. On one hand, inefficiencies and blockers to adequate care navigation are increasing patient no shows and intra-operative cancellations; on the other hand, surgical teams are spending too much time on tasks for which they are overqualified for.


Improve patients’ preparedness and stratification, while optimizing surgical teams time

Multidisciplinary care journey for surgery covering pre and post-surgical tasks, to provide a single source of truth for the patients needs and history;

Automatic patient stratification through validated questionnaires and scores (eg. ASA score), that allows anesthetists to fast-track low-risk patients to surgery;

Suggestion and automatic order of pre-surgical exams to reduce the number of in-person interactions per patient and support accurate decisions;

Automatic post-discharge follow-up through validated questionnaires, so physicians can discharge patients safely, keeping track of their progress in real time and early identifying red flags;

Interoperability capabilities linking different systems reducing tasks repetition;

Patient empowerment on the perioperative journey with a dedicated portal to increase care plan adhesion.


Reduce the time health teams spend on low-value tasks;

Reallocate high qualified professionals to clinically differentiated tasks;

Decrease cancellations, no-shows and re-hospitalizations;

Optimize in-person appointments;

Increase capacity and revenue, by tackling unmet demand.

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Diana Carvalho

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