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Oncology: improve care coordination to deliver the best possible outcomes


increase on global cancer cases and deaths until 2030


increase on odds of dying due to fragmentation


Cancer treatments have been improved but patients still need to find their way through highly fragmented journeys

Cancer care journeys are complex, since they encompass a huge variety of specialties, professionals and facilities, which may impede effective communication, decision processes and negatively influence patient adherence to treatment. Indeed, fragmentation is associated with poorer outcomes, worse patient experience and preventable costs associated with redundante care and preventable deterioration.


Improve visibility over patient’s progress and enhance accurate multidisciplinary decisions

Multidisciplinary and multi-level care journeys, proving a unique source of true for the patients needs and history;

Clinically detailed decision support system to diagnosis, staging, treatment, referrals and discharges, to empower health teams to adopt best practices;

Patient data collection in advance, automatically, to better prepare appointments and/or treatments;

Regular and automatic follow-ups during treatment, to improve patient risk stratification and anticipate deterioration or drug adverse reactions;

Patient education and empowerment through a dedicated portal, to enable care navigation and plan adherence;

Interoperability capabilities linking different systems and reducing task repetition and redundant care.


Ensure timely and correct care provision;

Anticipate care needs to avoid decompensation;

Reduce unnecessary hospitalizations or admissions in the emergency room;

Optimize in-person appointments;

Improve patient experience;

Measurement of KPI and PROMS.

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UpHill brings enormous added value in a context of constant changing.

Diana Carvalho

Diana Carvalho

Customer Solutions Manager


UpHill's medical expertise allows us to offer our patients the latest best practices of care.

Floarian Rossiaud

Florian Rossiaud-Fischer

Director for Innovation & Strategic Partnerships

Hôpital de La Tour

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