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Prevent the risks of wrong prescriptions and increase awareness towards new drugs

1 in 5

medication errors are made during prescription


of them have the potential to cause harm


A new drug has been approved but people are still acting on old way.

The harms caused by medication errors have been recognized as a global issue, increasing complex healthcare needs and leading to the introduction of many new drugs. Additionally, finding the time to keep on top of massive scientific production while assisting patients is challenging resulting in a slow process of adoption of new guidelines.


Hasten new guidelines adoption.

Keep your audience aware of evidence updates

Educate HCPs on how to prescribe a new drug

Support decision making at the point of care


Increased patient safety

Optimized patient outcomes

Engaged physicians

Top of mind awareness

Trusted by top performing leaders

UpHill is driving our institutional-wide effort to standardize care.

Filipe Costa

Head of Value Based Care

Luz Saude

UpHill brings enormous added value in a context of constant changing.

Diana Carvalho

Diana Carvalho

Customer Solutions Manager


UpHill's medical expertise allows us to offer our patients the latest best practices of care.

Floarian Rossiaud

Florian Rossiaud-Fischer

Director for Innovation & Strategic Partnerships

Hôpital de La Tour

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